Brandon Webb

Graphic Design | Email Marketing | Web Developement

👋 Hi, I'm Brandon Webb,

I'm a creative Brand Designer and Front-End Web Developer from North Carolina. People have also called me a Front-End Designer, UX Designer, UI Engineer, Brand Designer, and Identity Developer. Whatever you may choose to call me, I design your brand - your website - your logo - to make your business memorable and impactful with as small an influence on the environment as possible.

I believe in creating work that is memorable, inclusive, and sustainable. I build websites that are accessible to everyone including users who utilize screen readers, mobile phones, outdated web browsers, and more. I want your designs to be easy to read, understand, quickly load, and be accessible - not only to look great and boost your income, but to boost your SEO and rank higher on Google.

To achieve this, I focus on responsive design, accessibility, and performance. I collaborate often with tech entrepreneurs and leading web developers to ensure my techniques and code are up to date with new technologies and ever-evolving performance standards.

I pride myself in providing high-value designs for your investment that will boost your marketability and notoriety in your field.