👋 Hi, I’m
Brandon Webb

As an award-winning brand and web designer in Greenville NC, I work with my clients to design branding and websites that are as unique as their businesses. 

I believe that by helping small businesses succeed, we can collectively make a difference in our communities and beyond. As such, I am dedicated to using my skills and expertise to make a positive impact on the world.

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Featured Work

Wunker Wellness Logo
Scorpion Disc Golf Logo
Panacea Mental Wellness logo
Origins Counceling and Wellness

Websites with Ability

I am committed to using environmentally-friendly design practices and building websites that are accessible to all users, regardless of their ability or device.


I make sure my website designs are easy for everyone to use, even our visitors with disabilities.

I believe that access to information is a basic human right, and that’s why I focus on making websites that are accessible to everyone.


I prioritize usability in my designs. This means creating a clear and intuitive navigation structure, so users can easily find what they’re looking for and understand how to navigate the site.

When a website is easy to use, it helps users feel confident and comfortable using it.


The internet is responsible for approximately 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions. That’s why I plant a tree in Greenville, NC for every website I create, and I use eco-friendly hosting solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of my websites.

I believe it is important to do my part to help protect the environment and support our community.


I make websites that are easy to use on lots of different devices. This includes phones, tablets, TVs, fridges, and computers.

Basically, if it can connect to the internet, my websites will work on it.

Stand out from the competition

Having a strong brand is important for any business. It’s not just about having a cool logo or a pretty website – it’s about creating a good overall experience for your customers.

That’s where I come in. I offer branding design services to help you make a consistent brand identity that your customers will remember. This includes things like your logo design, colors, and how you talk to your customers.

I’ll work with you to make sure your brand represents your business and what you stand for.

Start your journey

I’ll work closely with you to understand your business and what makes it unique. Together, we’ll create a brand design that captures the essence of your business and effectively communicates your message to your target audience.


If you’re looking to refresh your existing brand, I can help with that too. Let’s work together to update your brand design to better align with your business goals and values.

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